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The indoor playground that every child dreams of. More than just for play, this basic combo is highly recommended to kick off your child's awareness of his/her own body movements - from strength to agility and coordination - starting from 6mo, or when they started pulling themselves up. 

What's included:

  • 1 set KLYMB
  • 1 pc SLAID (1 side slide, 1 side climbing holds OR ball run guides)

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1. All finishing used are compliance to either EN-71 or FDA regulations making it safe to make wooden toys for children. Custom colours are available, however, please confirm your colours before placing the order.

2. Item to ship in 10-14 days upon purchase - delay may be anticipated due to CMCO conditions

NOTE: we are under EMCO lockdown until 16 July. Delivery dates will be 2 weeks upon local Malaysian allowing sector economies to open (Phase 2-3) - DM us for more info


Did you know that the Pikler approach is originally designed by a paediatrician (Dr. Emmi Pikler) in the 1940s? It focuses on the kind and respectful relationship between an adult and infant, through tender care moments, a naturally paced motor development, free movement and uninterrupted play. 

Read more about the importance of independent play in a safe environment here


  • Supervision is required at all times when children are playing on the KLYMB frame, slide, or KIUB
  • Only 1 person shall climb on the KLYMB frame or the KIUB at a time
  • Do not adjust, modify, or tamper with pre-assembled bolts, nuts or screws
  • Do not jump on the KLYMB frame, ladder rungs or KIUB
  • Adult should not sit on the KLYMB frame while supervising
  • If you have the slides with rock climbing holds, tighten the bolts on the holds properly to avoid the climbing holds coming loose and spinning
  • Do not climb on the frame when it is not fully opened or on an uneven surface
  • When hooking the slide onto the KLYMB frame / KIUB, ensure the hook is fully fastened on to the rung.
  • Do not use a slide that is unable to fully hook on to a rung, it may cause the hook to crack

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