Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Care Instructions

Before and/or upon making that purchase, here are some key considerations to take note of:

1. Wood is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. If there is a spill, just wipe with water is sufficient.
2. Ideally, coat your wooden item with food grade mineral oil or beeswax every year to preserve its natural properties.
3. Store in cool, dry place. If it was under rain, wipe dry with clean cloth before storing it.
4. There will be wear and tear on the existing coating as you hook and unhook the slide onto the ladder rungs. See step 2 for natural ladder rungs. For coated rungs, do note that the paint may peel over time, resulting in a different kind of rustic beauty.
5. Do not tamper with the screws, nuts and bolts that comes assembled in your product (unless you are required to self assemble).
6. If the wood chips due to rough handling, use a sandpaper (grade 180) to hand sand it down to your preferred smoothness before allowing your child to play / use.
7. Every item here is handmade; do not be surprised if you see unexpected dents or unwanted cuts. Feel free to reach out to us if you notice such accidental damage.
8. Product colours and grains may differ from the pictures you may see on the website or our instagram as wood is a natural resource and we cannot guarantee each batch to be the same. You may indicate in the remark column should you have a strong preference.

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